Philip Lawson

Lawson’s work has spanned the globe and investigated myriad forms of human endeavor, from deep-sea salvage to the seminary, always creating art. In 2012, Lawson unveiled Weapons of Light. He resides in Northern California.

Artificer of Weapons of Light


As a conceptual artist my interests were to push the boundaries of photography into the realm of the short story. They are cinematic representations of an atmosphere, a place or a subject. These series of photos are designed to represent the subject in cells as in a film or in paragraphs as in a short story. They represent the many layers of understanding, dimensions of time and space that makes up the world, as we perceive it. 


Painted wood shapes, mounted and layered. Emblems of the dream of representation. Explorations evoke archetypes, invite fantasia.  


Challenging the relationship between form, function, matter, and history, Lawson’s creations unfold the nature of power and virtue.  

Icons: Casts of the SKS assault rifle, engraved with Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, Latin, English and allegorical emblems. 

Weapons of Light: Metaphorical Objects, emblems of the virtues. Cast in resin from the 1947 Automat Kalashnikov.